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Our import, sales, distribution, and our transport fleet allow us to serve comprehensively, effectively and professionally. We are able to reach where no one else can.


Al Mufid has a strong market position and is a leading supplier to several industries, thus creating a wide customer base across different business lines. Our broad customer network include all government and private hospitals, pharmacies, trade markets, co-ops and mega health products suppliers in Kuwait. This wide spread efficient network is managed by a highly experienced sales team supported by a strong support staff enabling us to provide a high level of communication and customer service.


Dependable Delivery

We understand the needs of our clients and recognize the importance of prompt delivery and reliable distribution. Simplified processes, professional teams and prompt actions support the highest of delivery standards.

Distribution Range

We think Global. We act Global. Our experience and knowledge allow us to serve clients in comprehensive, effective and professional way anywhere they may be.

Distribution team

We have one of the most experienced and skilled team that manages and operates one of the most spread distribution networks in Kuwait. Our network of distribution points is outreached to every area in Kuwait, ensuring that products are available at all times to all our direct and indirect clients.


Qualified Suppliers

We strongly believe in the power trademark brands and the quality of these products. We select carefully the sources of our purchase and delivery.


We answer to growing market demand for the full range of pharmaceutical, nutritional, and

Product Range

Consumer healthcare products. Always looking for novelty and constantly providing best sellers.


Our modern infrastructure and professional team allows us to provide complex logistic and transport services at the highest level, giving clients the added value of tailor made services.

Storage Services

We offer storage services up to the highest standard of medical products storage conditions to serve the needs of the brands and to provide the ideal delivery platform for the product.


Our modern warehouses are designed to match the highest standards in the pharmaceutical industry in terms of storage, product management and handling. Our warehouse managers ensure that each product is dealt within the right manner both in the warehouse and during the distribution process.

Quality Management

We follow a strict quality management policy to ensure that our facilities and our team follow the best standards and policies in the pharmaceutical, nutritional and consumer healthcare field.